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RWD Consulting

Project Summary

UX Consultant
Project Duration
8 Weeks
2 UX Designers
1 Strategist
1 Engineer
The Ask

Assess the client's readiness for implementing and maintaining a responsive website and create a roadmap to guide the client towards a responsive-ready state.

  • Conduct stakeholder interviews with a large portion of the client's web and business teams
  • Analyze findings from the interviews to find common themes across disciplines
  • Explain in detail RWD best practices, including general design recommendations, site optimization and performance guidelines, and organizational models for supporting a responsive site
  • Synthesize the findings into cohesive action items
  • Craft documentation to help guide the client's upcoming organizational and site changes

Project Details

L.L.Bean was fairly early to the ecommerce game, allowing customers to purchase products online as early as 1994. While their current site continues to meet their expectations, L.L.Bean engaged Fluid to review the site and make recommendations for improvements to the site, with the ultimate goal of making the current site responsive.

We began by conducting stakeholder interviews and using standard performance analysis tools like Google's PageSpeed to gain an understanding of the client's current state.

Once the initial stakeholder interviews and technical analysis were completed, we set to work identifying the common themes and outstanding pain points within the organization, and categorizing technical issues impacting site performance.

We then compiled all of our learnings from previous responsive projects and "industry best practice" into a document that explains what we have found to be helpful or harmful to creating and maintaining a responsive site.

Additionally, we created a glossary of terms, as a many of L.L.Bean's business team were new to the concept of responsive design.

Finally, we presented the client with a guide, explaining our recommendations and how they might restructure their organization to meet the needs of a responsive site.