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Responsive Site Design

Project Summary

Lead UX Designer
Project Duration
24 Weeks
3 UX Designers
3 Visual Designers
Live Site
The Ask

Create a responsive ecommerce site that clearly communicates the creative nature of the Michaels brand while supporting ecommerce.

  • Conduct stakeholder interviews to identify project goals and success metrics
  • Develop a cohesive strategy for integrating the brand content with products
  • Create a product taxonomy and metadata inventory for the 100,000+ SKUs that would eventually be sold on the site.
  • Advise the client in long-term planning for future 3rd-party integrations
  • Educate the client on responsive design and how to maintain a responsive site.
  • Compile a functional specifications document at the completion of the design phase

Sample Deliverables

Though the site is responsive, we designed the site using a series of static example wireframes at various resolutions. For many reasons, we took a mobile‒first approach to design. This helped the team to stay focused on delivering the best experience to the end user, regardless of device.

A wireframe showing all four layotus of the product detail page

While the platform (Demandware) didn't (still doesn't) support progressive enhancement, we took care to ensure that, to the extent that was possible, users were not penalized for using any particular device. Where possible though, we leveraged device capabilities to improve the experience of using the site.

A wireframe showing all four layouts of the category page

Because the project changed so rapidly, we annotated the final comps, rather than wireframes, to ensure that the functionality matched the visual design presented to the engineering team.

A page from the functional specification document describing the category page